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What we offer to influencers:

Benefits and productsFree products and services or economic benefits (depend on the campaign, all of them are different) only to do what you always do, using your social media to communicate with your followers.

Growth This influencers campaigns have also popularity award for influencers, you will receive also more visibility and an increase of people who know your work in the social media.

Message managementYOU are the owner of your social media profiles. You will choose the message, and you will never be asked to do anything that does not fit with you. Your style carried you to be where you are. So, why changing it? It is the key to achieve the best results.

Representation We will help you to keep growing and negotiating contracts and agreements with the brands. Our commitment is to be your guides, so you will obtain a benefit and grow more and more over the internet with your work in the social media. 

Are you an Influencer?

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