Hello! It is a nice day for your brand if an Influencer recommends it to the followers, right? Here, at Influencialia's world, we have many, very many number of them, available for you.

Did you know that, in Spain, 85% of Internet users have declared to follow influencers through their social media? Between that amount of people you can have a lot of new clients, what are you waiting for? Influencers give more visibility and good reputation to the brands they work with. Their followers see them as friends, a close buddy, and they rely in their opinions rather than anyone else's.

Influencialia Team will select the most suitable prescribers for your brand and the message you want to spread. We look for the best agreements between brands and influencers so that both parts get a profit and they feel comfortable during the campaign.

What we offer to brands:

CatalogueOur influencers base is really huge, so you always can find the most suitable opinion leader for your brand and message to spread. We guarantee to be ready for any kind of campaign we face.  

ClosenessWe are millennials, and we move through social media since our early youth. We know what people like in the online world, who can spread the messages the best and how to act, as we are part of the generations who have raise into this new Information Era 

Professional skillsWe are experts in communication and Influencer Marketing world. Our clients are satisfied with our work and we do our job with brands and influencers in a way we know that you all will win something. 

Control We are awaiting the campaign develops as planned and the words turn into facts. At the end of it, we ellaborate a detailed report with the reach of the target and the activities results.

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